Finding Your Passion

Sarah QuoteSarah Tallon, our Student Talks 2016 Best Speaker, tells the story of her journey to find her passion.

I was a determined teenager with lots of big dreams and a very strong idea about what I wanted out of life. Now, over a decade later I can look back on my career to date and see how I began to follow my heart and found my passion. This is the story of how I moved from being a career driven youth to now influencing the youths of today in the hope they do not make similar mistakes. Although it has been a long road to get to where I am today, I would not change any of it as it has shaped me into the person I have become.

I hope that sharing this story with you, and the lessons that I have learned, might be able to help someone else who may be struggling with their career choice.

Sarah Tallon

Sarah studied Financial and Actuarial Mathematics in DCU, and now is a secondary school teacher. She won the Student Talks Best Overall Speaker Award at the 2016 conference in UCD.