Get STARTED: A network to share your work

Our overall goal at Student Talks is to create a place for early career people to demonstrate and improve their professional skills, showcase their work, get recognition and potentially connect with people in their space.

The Student Talks conference #studenttalks16, which we held in UCD in March of this year, was our first foray into delivering a service to connect, highlight and celebrate the work of early career on a national scale. The event was a great success and from the positive feedback our heads have been buzzing with many different ideas to improve and add to our services.

One of the key things we noted was the impossible task of trying to capture, or indeed represent all the wonderful work by early career people at our annual Student Talks Conference. An immediate objective therefore, was to develop a space that can highlight the ongoing work by early career professionals and start-ups throughout the year. And so, the STARTED Network was born.

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STARTED is a platform that records, catalogues, and promotes the work by people starting out in areas such as, the arts, research, tech, enterprise (start-ups) and design.  The concept and process is simple. If a person or a group have an idea, a piece of work (e.g., college project, research paper), a start-up business, or a blog they are working on, and want to promote their work, they can write a piece between 250-350 words, include links (e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter, or links to websites, papers, or products) and submit it on online. Our expert team will review the piece and if suitable we will publish your work on STARTED. Furthermore, we will promote your work through our social media and because you include tags with your work, people will be able to search for your publication and you can point to it on your CV.

So in a nutshell, STARTED is a place to get published, get promoted, get recognition, get connected, and hopefully get noticed!

It is totally free to submit and you can do it here. We are really looking forward to showcasing the breath and quality of early career talent, so please spread the word!



Brian Slattery

Brian is the Founder and Director at Student Talks. He is passionate about supporting people in their early career stage. Having completed his PhD in Psychology, he works in the eHealth/digital health sector.