Next Steps

Best of luck!

Today is Leaving Cert results day. It is a monumental day in the calendar of a young person’s career. For those interested in going to college, the points they receive today will dictate what third level institution they attend and what course they shall enrol in.

A record number people, over 80,000 have filled out their CAO in the hope that they will get their course and pursue their chosen careers. For some people the results today will mean elation as they obtain their course and disappointment for others as they didn’t achieve the points they desire. However, the key message for both is that this is only the start.  To some extent it doesn’t really matter about what you got points-wise today but what you choose to do over the next while that will count toward building the future you want.

Our work and research at Student Talks with career experts suggest people should take on new challenges, gain a variety of experiences, make mistakes (and learn!) but primarily to look at everything as an opportunity.  So no matter your points, embrace your next steps, work hard and you’ll achieve what you want.

Well done today and best of luck in all your futures!

Brian Slattery

Brian is the Founder and Director at Student Talks. He is passionate about supporting people in their early career stage. Having completed his PhD in Psychology, he works in the eHealth/digital health sector.