Student Talks Network

Do you have a research project, a business idea, or piece of work you’d like to share? Submit it to STARTED and share it with everyone!

Submit a short piece, your twitter handle, and any links you’d like to provide and we’ll review, publish and promote your work. It’s that easy – our submission form and some more info on the process is below, and you can send any questions to!

Pieces can focus on work projects, entrepreneurial endeavours, research interests, career stories… it’s really up to you. You’ve nothing to lose by sending it in to us, so give it a try!

As a rule of thumb, pieces should:

  • Include an introduction or background to the idea you’re presenting, that can be understood by a mixed audience
  • Describe why it is relevant or interesting to you or the general audience
  • Talk about the aims, goals, findings, or results if relevant to your topic (i.e. research or business ideas)
  • Explain any implications or future plans arising from your work/interest

You should also include 2-3 sentences about you, with your name, qualifications/affiliations that you want to include, and your research/career interests where relevant.

Have a few pictures handy too, we’ll be asking for them before publishing!

Please bear in mind:

  • We’re all about the positivity – we won’t publish anything inflammatory!
  • We’ll have to keep our audience happy – we may have to stagger, suggest editing, or turn away pieces that have a common theme. Our aim is to release a varied stream of content that gives each piece the attention it deserves.
  • We’ll aim to get back to you as soon as possible after you submit, but depending on the volume of submissions we might be a bit delayed sometimes – we’re only human!