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Next Steps

Today is Leaving Cert results day. It is a monumental day in the calendar of a young person’s career. For...

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Education – investing in your future

This was the sentiment that drove me through the past 29 years of my life and still drives me. My...

Implicit Cognition and Suspicious Thoughts

Implicit Cognition and Suspicious Thoughts

Today’s post comes from our very own NUI Galway Ambassador, Meagan Lynch. Here, she describes her psychological research .  ...


The ever-expanding toolkit – what’s behind Student Talks?

In the past year or so since I started with Student Talks, I’ve learned quite a bit. Mainly, I’ve learnt...

Startup Stories – Scamps

Startup Stories – Scamps

Scamps is THE search directory for finding the right camp for your child in your locality. We have everything from sports...

FitBit screen shot

‘Ask and you shall receive’, a few thoughts from a Start-Up, that’s just starting

It has been said, that nothing worthwhile is ever easy. I think for us at Student Talks, like most other...


The Typing Trex

The last surviving member of its species, it escaped extinction and learned to type bringing you fact and opinion from...


Video Gaming for Positive Mental Health

My specific research interests include how positive effects such as increased happiness, pro-social behaviour and management of negative emotions can...

Get STARTED: A network to share your work

Get STARTED: A network to share your work

Our overall goal at Student Talks is to create a place for early career people to demonstrate and improve their professional...

Smart Consent

Smart Consent

Smart Consent Workshops were developed at the School of Psychology, NUI, Galway, as a response to student survey results during...

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