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Scamps is THE search directory for finding the right camp for your child in your locality. We have everything from sports camps, to music camps through to the arts. We give parents the ability to choose the right camp for their child based on their needs, interests and camp environment. Scamps automatically pin points your location and highlights the abundance of camps on your doorstep.

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Parents are frustrated at the amount of school holidays, the significant costs of child minding fees and the multiple Google searches they have to undertake to find a camp that works for their budget, location and child’s needs. Scamps addresses all of these issues through a simple, easy to use search platform.

Scamps founders

Scamps founders Paul Berrill, Patrick Dooley and Liam Cunningham

The ultimate goal is to be the of camps. We want to represent every camp in the country and be the one-stop-shop for parents locating camps in Ireland. We want to offer a selection of camps in every town in every county in the country. We already have at least one camp (if not 2-3) in every town. At present we have over 1600 individual camps listed and this number is growing by the day.

Liam Cunningham

Liam is a chartered accountant and tax adviser by trade, recently moved to a sales career in Google as a business development representative. He is the former President of the Friary Youth Club (2009-2011) and former Senior Leader of the Knockadoon Youth Weeks Summer Camp (2011 - 2015). Liam oversaw the growth of the KYW from 6 days, 55 kids and 30 volunteer leaders in 2011 to 3 weeks, 300 kids and 80 volunteer leaders in 2015. As you can see, he has a vested interest in the camp sector and understands the problems faced by both camps and parents.